Bohemian Collection

The SHAADS® Bohemian Collection features a variety of fabric and wood blends that suits any free-spirited artistic home decor, timeshare, rental homes, and more. Bring the Avante-Garde inspired collection to your home today. This collection brings a simple and warm feel and a look to stimulate your creative senses. 

Below are some samples of our stylish simple design, wood  frames, and the different fabric types


Transparent fabrics are see-through fabrics which also allow light to pass through. There are several degrees of clarity from 1% - 3% - 5% - 10%. The lower the number, the less visibility.


Opaque fabrics do not allow light to pass through or for you to see through. They are a light filtering material. Depending on the material used can vary the percentage of light filtering.


Designer fabrics can come in opaque, transparent,  blackening, and others. It is a fabric of different textures, design color blends, and more. It is the process of creating a design on the cloth. 

Beige Net Barnwood.png
Barnwood Yellow Orange Verona.png
Barnwood Navy Jeans.png
Frost Barn Brown Net.png
Charcoal Net Grey Barn.png
Frost Barn Lime Verona.png
Verona Almost Purple Grey.png
Trento Grey Frost Barn.png
Blue Leaf Grey Barn.png

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RR Fabrics


Net Fabrics

RR Fabrics are perfect for anyone who wants a natural color to pair with one of our frames, along with the ability to see outdoors. RR Fabrics are see-through and allow for visibility out with very little visibility from the outside in. 

Tweed Fabrics.png

Trento Fabrics

Trento Fabrics are part of our designer collection. Featuring an exposed stitched pattern perfect for any rustic home, coastal home, mountain home, or farmhouse themed home. Trento Fabrics are opaque and light filtering.

Much like our collection of RR fabrics, Net Fabrics are also transparent and easy to see out of not in. Net fabrics have slightly more texture and also come in neutral colors that work with any of our beautiful wood frames. 

Verona Fabrics.png

Verona Fabrics

Verona Fabrics are the perfect opaque neutral fabric solution. Verona fabrics come in many beautiful colors and are light filtering. Pair Verona fabrics with any of our frames. Verona fabrics are versatile

Sticken Fabrics.png

Trento Fabrics & Other Patterns

Trento featured above, and many of our other patterned designer fabrics are opaque and ever so slightly see-through, blocking most of the sun. Explore our wide variety of different patterns and design options that can be paired with any room, be unique, and choose a pattern!

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