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I'M NOT HANDY and SHAADS® window covers make it so easy

I have no doubts that there are many folks like me out there. You know who I'm talking about - someone who has no mechanical bone in their body, even with instructions can't take a simple task and complete it..not for lack of trying but for lack of ability to figure it out. So along comes SHAADS Window Covers which are the answer to my prayers.

I looked at my boxes of blinds leaning on my bedroom wall, looked at my naked windows and realized that if I wanted to ever cover my windows AND DO IT MYSELF, I needed a simple, easy, understandable method to do it...that is what SHAADS means to me. Most of the windows in my house have no shades or blinds, for the simple reason that - who can figure out how to measure them, fit them in those ridiculous tabs, and make them fit the length of my windows - you need a professional to do that and that costs more time and money.

SHAADS is so simple to install that I couldn't believe it..I kept wondering where was the hidden catch - there is none. Simple, yet elegant and they dress up your windows, doors and skylights any way you want. I am so thrilled to have found a product that makes my life easy. Oh, by the way, with a feeling of satisfaction and job well done, I returned those boxes of blinds!

SHAADS window coverings



Email: info@shaads.com

Proudly made in the USA©

Copyright 2016-2017 SHAADS® by Koti

Install the SHAADS® as Easy as

"Just a Click"

Easy installation for Skylights

"Can be installed in


SHAADS® comes in many sizes up to 35x38 inches. Anything over 35x38 inches, please inquire. 

Pricing may vary for custom orders.

Some windows, skylights, and full-length doors may require two or more SHAADS® covers per unit.

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