Barnwood RusticStained Wood Frame with Customizable Fabric


Our Special Order section page offers more choices of Frames, Fabrics, Fabric Patterns and Colors . Frames can also be Special ordered in different stains, colors and designs. Check with us for Special Orders about our, materials and pricing.  

*Colors may appear slightly different per computer*

Barnwood Rustic Frame for Windows


    Measuring Guide For

    Full Glass Coverage

    Please note: There maybe a small amount of glass exposure needed for mounting

    Measuring Guide For

    Partial Glass Coverage

    Measuring Guides for Different
    "Cover here mount right on the glass"
    Measuring Guides for Different types of DOORS
    Glass Coverage
    "Covers here mount right on the door Frame"
    door styles_edited.png
    Curve Glass
    door styles_edited.png
    Straight Line
    door styles_edited.png
    Side Glass
    This STYLE SHAADS COVER is designed to sit on the door frame NOT on the glass
    Special order example_edited.jpg
    Measuring Guides for SKYLIGHTS

    Measure Each Skylight Separately- Measurements Can Vary

    1) On the inside of the skylight cavity, on the drywall, in the corners, place a mark about 1" up as shown in (fig.1) from where the corner of the finished ceiling meets the skylight frame, as shown where the dots are in (fig.1). Also on the longer side of the skylight frame in the middle place a mark about 1" up from the finished ceiling edge.

    2) You will need to do this in several spots as shown in (fig 2.)   in the PDF above

    3) As shown in (fig.2), now measure from drywall to drywall about an inch up from finished ceiling, around those marks that you made in the skylight cavity about an 1" on the drywall from A1 to A1, A2 to A2, A3 to A3, B1 to B1 and B2 to B2.

    Measure Skylight.PNG
    Grey Skylight Measure.PNG