The Creation of SHAADS®

The SHAADS® idea came from the desire to make a product that can be effortlessly installed by anyone. This elegant, unique, new way of covering Windows, Doors, and Skylights offers a clean and stylish look. With SHAADS®, there are no moving parts, no costly curtain accessories, and no contractor needed. SHAADS® can be mixed and matched, creating a uniform look among all of your doors, skylights, and windows in your home. You no longer need to struggle in finding a variety of products to achieve a cohesive look. 

SHAADS® by Koti is a family-owned business founded by creator Chris Koenitz. SHAAD®™ evolved from a desire to make a product providing easy installation, and providing privacy and protection from the sun’s UV rays and heat. SHAADS® offers a simple and elegant design that fits in any home, apartment, or business.


SHAADS® are proudly made in the USA.





100% Solid Wood


Fabric Choices

Solid Colors, Patterns, more... 


Attaches easily anywhere on a flat surface

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