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SHAADS® Covers may not fit all types of skylights or openings.

Some skylight openings may take two or more covers to fully cover the skylight, please contact for questions.

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Measure Each Skylight Separately- Measurements Can Vary

1) On the inside of the skylight cavity, on the drywall, in the corners, place a mark about 1" up as shown in (fig.1) from where the corner of the finished ceiling meets the skylight frame, as shown where the dots are in (fig.1). Also on the longer side of the skylight frame in the middle place a mark about 1" up from the finished ceiling edge.

2) You will need to do this in several spots as shown in (fig 2.)

3) As shown in (fig.2), now measure from drywall to drywall about an inch up from finished ceiling, around those marks that you made in the skylight cavity about an 1" on the drywall from A1 to A1, A2 to A2, A3 to A3, B1 to B1 and B2 to B2.

Grey Skylight Measure.PNG
Fig. 1
Measure Skylight.PNG

* All Skylights Covers come with beautiful hardware accessories to install your covers. " Covers can be installed in minutes."

At this time skylights are installed differently than doors & windows*